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D3 Bio Announces Clinical Data Presentations at the 2024 AACR Annual Meeting

APRIL 1, 2024

Shanghai, China, April 1, 2024 — D3 Bio announced the forthcoming presentations of new preclinical research and clinical trial data from its oncology program, D3S-001, at the 2024 AACR Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. These data underscore D3 Bio's groundbreaking progress in cancer treatment. Furthermore, this marks the inaugural disclosure of Phase I clinical data for D3S-001, with particular emphasis on its performance in solid tumors harboring the KRAS G12C mutation.

The two presentations are:

Title: A phase 1 study of D3S-001, a second-generation GDP-bound KRAS G12C inhibitor, as monotherapy in patients with KRAS G12C-mutated solid tumors

Session Title: First-in-Human Phase I Clinical Trials 1

Session Date and Time: Monday Apr 8, 2024, 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Poster Section 48

Poster Board Number: 25

Abstract Presentation Number: CT117


Title: D3S-001, a second-generation GDP-bound KRAS G12C inhibitor, overcomes nucleotide cycling and demonstrates robust preclinical and clinical activities

Session Title: Targeting Kinase and ERK Pathways

Session Date and Time: Tuesday Apr 9, 2024, 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Poster Section 46

Poster Board Number: 20

Published Abstract Number: 6503


Abstracts for both presentations will be exclusively available online via the AACR journal Cancer Research on Friday, March 22. For more information about AACR 2024, please go to https://www.aacr.org/meeting/aacr-annual-meeting-2024/


About D3S-001

D3S-001 is a next-generation KRAS G12C inhibitor designed to enhance clinical outcomes by improving KRAS G12C target engagement. In preclinical investigations, D3S-001 has demonstrated high covalent potency, CNS penetration properties, and the capability to rapidly and completely engage the KRAS G12C target at clinically relevant doses. It has completed global phase 1 development as an oral therapeutic agent for the treatment of patients with advanced solid tumors harboring KRAS G12C mutation, including Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and CRC. It is now in the global Phase II development stage. For detailed information about D3S-001, please refer to our previous publication at the 34th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics.


About D3 Bio

D3 Bio is a globally orientated, clinical stage biotechnology company that focuses on the discovery, development, and registration of new medicines in oncology and immunology. At D3 Bio, we fully leverage our clinical insight and biomarker strategy to guide our discovery effort and compound development, aiming to create novel and clinically meaningful new therapies for patients in need. 

D3 Bio is funded by globally renowned investors, including Boyu Capital, Matrix Partners China, HongShan China, Temasek, and WuXi AppTec's Corporate Venture Fund.

Media Contact:

Rui Liu
Head, Corporate Affairs
Email address:  bd@d3bio.com
Shanghai, China

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